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We appreciate the opportunity to WOW you with our Fleet Washing service! 
Experience the SparkleWash® Difference

  • For your protection and the safety of our technicians, all our wash technicians receive ongoing training in safety, chemical composition and handling, local and state EPA regulations, and washing techniques.

  • Flexible scheduling options include evenings and weekends. We will work based on your fleet schedule, which will help manage driver downtime and expenses.

  • We strictly adhere to state and local EPA Wastewater Management protocols. I am sure you are aware; the EPA has strict guidelines as to what you can and cannot add to storm drains and sewer systems. Our technicians are trained and tested regularly on EPA local and state regulations and protocols. Plus, our trucks are equipped with Wastewater Reclamation equipment to ensure wash water runoff is properly managed per EPA guidelines.

  • As a designated Covid-19 Essential Business, we enacted Covid-19 protocols in March 2020. Please refer to our website for more information.

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